Student Visa:

The Canadian student visa is one of Canada’s most popular visas for both immigration and residency purposes. Many students from all over the world travel to Canada to study at its top educational institutions and universities. According to the annual report of the Canadian Immigration Parliament in 2018, out of 321,000 immigrants who have immigrated to Canada through approximately 20 different immigration methods, approximately 76,000 have entered Canada through a student visa. The report states that Canada’s immigration target for 2020, 2021, 2022 is 370,000-380,000 and 390,000, which shows the country’s desire to attract immigrants, especially through education, more than before. Canada has high educational standards worldwide. The country has five world-renowned universities named Toronto, McGill, British Columbia, U de Montreal and the University of Alberta. These universities have a special place in the ranking among all the top ranked universities, and are very popular among international students.
One of the obvious advantages of obtaining a Canadian student visa is that the applicant can work and earn money immediately after graduation. Even at the same time as studying, a person can work 20 hours a week and earn money for himself and his family, given the benefits of having the right to work. At the moment with the rules and regulations that Canada Immigration has imposed on immigrants, study immigration to Canada is one of the most sought-after ways to immigrate to this country, and immigrants who have the ideal and favorable conditions can choose as easily as possible. Apply to one of the top universities in this country. In general, it can be said that student immigration to Canada is possible in two ways:(1) A Canadian student visa in which applicants over the age of 18 can apply for a Canadian college, university or educational institution by obtaining a Canadian student visa.
(2) A Canadian student visa in which applicants who have not yet reached the legal age (under 18) can also immigrate to Canada to study in a Canadian school after receiving a Canadian student visa. Of course, these individuals must prove that their parents or guardians are able to pay for living and studying in Canada in order to obtain a Canadian student visa, in addition to having a legal guardian (mother or father) and a valid invitation.

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