Tourist Visa: England

Due to England leaving the Schengen area, the country has its own travelling rules. If you plan to travel to England, you must apply for a standard visitor visa. In general, this visa has replaced the following:
Family Visiting Visa – General Visiting Visa – Child Visiting Visa – Business Visiting Visa, Including Visas for Academics, Doctors and Dentists – Sports Visiting Visas – Possible Entrepreneurship Visas – Visits for Private Medical Treatment Visitors – Destination Status Verification Visas
You must apply at least 3 months before your trip. You must indicate in your documents that: You will leave the UK at the end of your visit – you can support your own expenses and those of your dependents during your trip – you can pay for your return or next trip and other related expenses pay your visit – You have proof of any business or other activity you want to do in the UK as per the law of the visitor. Visa application fees vary depending on the time of the requested visa, the type of passport and the age of the applicant.

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