Tourist Visa: Canada

The Canadian Tourist Visa, also known as the Canadian Multiple Visa (Multiple Visa), is issued to applicants for fun and sightseeing in Canada, and for family and friends to visit. Canada is a country with unique tourist attractions and beautiful nature that draws tourists to itself from all over the world. Every year, millions of tourists travel to Canada legally to obtain a Canadian tourist visa for the purpose of sightseeing or visiting family, friends and acquaintances. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Canada, you must use a Canadian entry permit and a Canadian visa. There are three types of Canadian tourist visas:
(1) A single Canadian visa in which the applicant can enter Canada only once and at a specified time; Upon expiration of this visa, the person is required to leave Canada.
(2) Multiple Canadian Visa, which one of its features is that for a period of 5 years it is valid, and after this period of time, it loses its validity. This visa has other conditions as well, such as staying in Canada for 6 months after each entry, extending the visa for 6 months if forced to do so, having the power to enforce the control law and unlimited number of times for entering Canada has made this visa very popular among travellers.
(3) A long-stay family visit visa, or super visa, which allows an immigrant parent to travel to and live in Canada during this time to cancel a 10-year long visa. The first trip may be 2 years without leaving Canada, but subsequent trips can not last more than 6 months.

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